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4 Volumes
30 Chapters, 12 Appendices
1707 pages
Published 2004, updated 2015
(Formerly entitled Future History)
2 Volumes
32 Chapters
1067 Pages
Published 2010
7 Volumes planned
(Three completed)
Currently 74 files
1275 pages
Published 2013 
Everybody wants to know what tomorrow will bring. The information, if only we had it, would shape every decision we made. But the most important issues--the ones that define the course of human history and elicit the choices that affect our eternal destines--have been predicted in the Bible. Many of these prophecies have already been fulfilled--with stunning accuracy. What does that portend for the rest of them?
It’s one of the stickiest conundrums in Scripture: are we today supposed to keep the Mosaic Law, or aren’t we? Yahweh gave Moses hundreds of specific instructions that govern everything from how to approach God to what to do if a wall develops a stain that won’t go away. But the New Testament teaches that the Law is powerless to deliver us from the curse of sin. What does Yahweh want us to do?
Yahweh declared that He speaks to us in parables, symbols, and metaphors, but the extent to which He does this may surprise us. Although what He tells us in His Word is literally true, the significance of His written message often runs deeper than the overt historical record might indicate to the casual reader. There’s more to this iceberg than what we can see on the surface.